EU experts trained Kyrgyz national partners on drug use prevention among adolescents

EU experts trained Kyrgyz national partners on drug use prevention among adolescents

Bishkek, 3 November 2016 - Experts from Poland met with national experts from the Department of Education of the City Hall of Bishkek, State Drug Control Service, vice principals of pilot schools from Bishkek, and specialists of the Republican Health Promotion Centre.

This meeting focused on the development of educational scenarios and presentation of the questionnaire “Readiness to change” for the prevention programme for adolescents who have initiated experiencing with use of psychoactive substances but are not substance dependent yet. It is supported within the sixth phase of the Central Asia Drug Action Programme (CADAP 6), funded by the European Union and implemented by a Consortium from the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland and Germany.

The experts, coming from the National Bureau of Drug Prevention in Poland, trained participants how to conduct motivational interviewing with school children at risk and presented topics such as how to deal with low motivation to change, how to talk to parents and examples of actions to reduce risky behaviours. All participants presented focus group interviews and developed questions for clients and for specialists to be used in focus group interviews.

CADAP 6 with a budget of EUR 4.9 million is implemented in the framework of strategic cooperation between the EU and Central Asia based on the EU-Central Asia Drug Action Plan 2014-2020. During the period of 2001 to 2013 the EU allocated EUR 20.7 million for the implementation of CADAP.

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Mr. Aleksandr Zelichenko, National Coordinator in Kyrgyzstan, at , or Ms. Asel Sekimova, Public Relations Professional, by phone (996 770) 444 068, or e-mail:

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