Training on community participation and social work with drug users held in Tajikistan

Two experts from the German organisation Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe conducted the third national workshop for fifteen Tajik experts on community participation and social work with people using drugs.

List of participants included representatives of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working with drug users from Dushanbe, Khorog, Kurgan-tube, Kulyab and Pyanjakent, a social worker from the Republican Clinical Centre of Narcology, and a representative from the social work department of the Tajik National University. They discussed issues of common relevance, such as safe injection practices, physical health of people who use drugs, infectious diseases and psychological well-being.

Together with trainers the participants made a selection of the best drawings of the competition “The world around me”. The competition had been announced among drug users and social workers with the aim of using the best drawings as illustrations for the newly developed visual aids for social workers in Tajikistan.


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