Training in psychotherapeutic rehabilitation of drug users held in Tajikistan

Two experts from Germany conducted the second two-day national training on the quality of treatment and improvement of drug users’ psychotherapeutic rehabilitation standards in Tajikistan.

The trainers presented topics of common relevance, such as co-dependency and work with relatives, profile of social workers in Germany and in Tajikistan, burnout syndrome – early detection and prevention, support and interventions (when a person using drugs does not admit that and his friends or/and relatives make him refer to medical assistance), communication and cooperation within a team and between ambulatory and hospital care.

Eighteen national experts in drug treatment (doctors and social workers) are taking part in the training-of-trainers’ (ToT) courses throughout 2016-2017. Trainings are conducted by the experts from Germany, Belarus and Austria. After the completion of the trainings, local experts will get certificates of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

It is expected that after these training-of-trainers’ (ToT) courses, participants will replicate trainings to local specialists in drug addiction treatment to further improve the standards of medical services rendered for people who use drugs in accordance with the EU best practices.


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