EU trained representatives of Tajik penitentiary institutions on the treatment of drug dependency in prisons

Two German experts conducted a two-day training workshop for fourteen medical workers of the penitentiary system from Dushanbe, Kujand, Kurgantube cities and Vahdat district. A representative of „SPIN Plus” NGO also took part in the training.

The second training on this issue, which was conducted in Tajikistan, focused on opioid substitution therapy (OST). CADAP involved national partners from the Republican Clinical Centre of Narcology and a development partner, the Columbia University project (ICAP), to present information on OST programme implementation in the civil sector and the national guidelines on the implementation of OST in the penitentiary system. Together with the trainers the participants discussed how to build bridges to the prison OST.

The participants also discussed the issues of harm reduction in prisons and needle exchange programmes.

A working group of 10-15 experts in the field of substance abuse and social work will participate in the CADAP trainings in 2017. These trainings will be conducted in Central Asian countries to improve the quality standards of medical services rendered for problem drug users. At the end of the trainings, participants will receive certificates from the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

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