Polish experts evaluated results of the drug prevention programme in Tokmok and Bishkek

During meetings in Tokmok and Bishkek experts from Poland met with national experts, teachers of local schools responsible for the drug prevention programme implementation, local authorities of Tokmok City, and local departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Education.

The meetings focused on the presentation of the prevention programme “Closer to Each Other – Further from Risky Behaviour” for adolescents who have initiated experiencing the use of psychoactive substances but are not substance dependent yet. The Polish experts presented results of the survey, which was conducted among parents and together with participants, and they discussed and brainstormed how to assure the institutionalization of the programme.  

The prevention programme is addressed to parents of school children and was worked out by the European experts in close cooperation with the working group of national experts. It consists of three sessions for parents which were implemented by teachers during parental meetings in school settings.

In Kyrgyzstan, a pilot project was implemented in 57 schools in four localities: Kyzyl-Kiya, Kadamjay District, Tokmok, and Chuy District. In total, 65 instructors were prepared to train teachers, and about 750 teachers participated in the training. It is estimated that about 11 000 parents participated in the programme.

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