2018 National Report on Drug Situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan

This report was prepared within the framework of the Central Asia Drug Action

Programme – Phase 6 (CADAP 6) in the component “National Focal Points” (NFP).

It uses the 2017 data.


The review includes information provided by ministries, agencies, and public and

nongovernmental organisations involved in the prevention of drug addiction and HIV/

AIDS, as well as in counteracting illicit drug trafficking, the state of the art with regard to

the implementation of existing national programmes, issues related to coordination and

interagency cooperation, and a study of the situation in this field.


Taking into account the system of statistical reporting on drug supply and demand

indicators that exists in Kazakhstan, the standards for key epidemiological indicators and

guidelines for the preparation of national reviews developed by the European Monitoring

Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction were followed.


The content of this summary does not reflect the official opinions of the European Union

and its Member States or the official opinion of the Government of Kazakhstan and should

be seen solely as product of CADAP 6.


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