CADAP discussed work plans with national partners in Kyrgyzstan

During the second National Steering Committee meeting arranged by CADAP on 16 November, a short overview of the current programme implementation in Kyrgyzstan in 2016-2017 and plan of activities for 2018 were presented and discussed with CADAP national partners.

The national partners from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and State Service for Execution of Punishments took part in the discussions.

Representatives of the EU Delegation to Kyrgyzstan, Embassy of Germany and CADAP 6 team participated in the meeting to agree on future perspectives and planned joint efforts. The next steps in the programme implementation in Kyrgyzstan were discussed and agreements were reached with the state agencies present at the meeting.

During the current implementation of CADAP in Kyrgyzstan, CADAP is constructing the first “Clean Zone” for female convicts at the colony # 2. National trainings addressed to parents of schoolchildren under the prevention component. Overall 750 teachers, 65 instructors and 11000 parents were trained in drug prevention in Kyrgyzstan. Trainings in psychosocial consultation and psychotherapeutic treatment of drug users, treatment of disorders associated with psychoactive substances abuse and other workshops were conducted in Kyrgyzstan during 2017. These trainings were conducted by the EU experts for local medical staff, teachers, parents, experts in drug data collection and press services’ staff.

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